Parlor Voice//Sam Pelligrino//Flight of Niko//Ape Not Kill Ape

Presented by The DAAC

Event Type
A collage picturing an old photo of a nuclear family

A collage picturing an old photo of a nuclear family. The black and white photography shows a white mother and father fawning over a baby in a cradle. The mother's hair is perfectly styled in a 1950's helmet and she's wearing pearls around her neck. The father stands over her, wearing a suit and tie. A young child's face is covered by a paper collage of a white thumb pressing down on white feathers, pinning them in place. Smaller collaged faces and people are sprinkled across the bottom. One person points at the thumb and white wings. Text reads: June 17, 333 Rumsey St SW, $5. Sam Pellegrino, Parlor Voice, Charlie Darling, Ape Not Kill Ape.

Parlor Voice (GR): your local avian marxists Sam Pellegrino (PA): jaggrock from pittsburgh Flight of Niko (GR): smiling through the tears Ape Not Kill Ape (GR): you think you're h*ckin' special? $5//DOOR 730PM, SHOW 8PM ALL AGES. NO DRUGS. NO ALCOHOL. NO JERKS.