Black and white photograph of a vocalist and drummer performing on stage at The DAAC
Exterior of a building on a small side street. Above and to the side of the door is mural of an owl spreading its wings against a purple sky.

Welcome to The DAAC


Upcoming Events

DAAC MUSIC SHOW: City High Musicians Night Honey Locust, Fraiser Fur, Harper Davis

harper davis, fraiser fur, honey locust

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Holiday Art Market

Text reads 'Holiday Art Market at the DAAC, Dec. 9th 11a - 3 p'. There is an illustration of an octopus covered in holiday lights.

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Really Really Free Market

Really Really Free Market General Banner

Presented by The DAAC

Masked volunteers hang a framed painting in the DAAC gallery

Volunteer-run since 2003

The DAAC is an all-ages music venue and DIY arts incubator. Substance-free space, completely volunteer-run.

Blog Articles

An illustration of an octopus sitting on top of a wrapped present, tugging at the ribbon. Text reads: "Call for Artists! Holiday Art Market at the DAAC. Submissions due by Nov. 10th"

Holiday Art Market: Call for Art

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We're excited to announce that The DAAC will host our Holiday Art Market on...

An octopus in a cloud of ink, holding up a paintbrush

Inkteresting - Call for Art

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In celebration of the DAAC's 20th anniversary, we're hosting an ink based...

Glare shines on The DAAC's front door, unit #4

An important message from the Core Committee

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The DAAC is at a crossroads where we have to make some tough decisions. Our...