Blushing Monk//Thompson-Snedeker//Fluxuation//Tabula Rasa wsg DJ Word

Presented by The DAAC

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A dark blue sky teeming with stars

A dark blue sky teeming with stars. A streak in the sky suggests maybe a comet, or a shooting star. It passes above a dark hilltop. Text reads: The DAAC presents a return to Grand Rapids. Blushing Monk. With special guest (WSG) Fluxuation, Thompson Snedeker, and Tabula Rasa. June 8th, 2017. DJ at 6:30pm, show at 8pm. $5 cover. 333 Rumsey St SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

First night of music! doors at 6:30pm with music by DJ Word & free snacks! Performers at 8pm. $5 at the door no booze and no drugs and no jerks. Blushing Monk: Our band loves exploring the different sounds and styles found within jazz history, from Monk to MMW, from Ellington to Kneebody, all while putting our own spin on the genre with our original blending of modern swing, hip hop, and funk. Thompson/Snedeker: This bass and piano duo operated in West Michigan, exploring this specific pairing if instruments through the lense of jazz tradition and current music. Taking inspiration from iconic piano/bass pairings like Oscar Peterson/Ray Brown or Keith Jarrett/Charlie Haden, this project seeks to add to the repertoire of music for this combination. Fluxuation: Having played together for years in various projects, guitarist Justin Wierenga and pianist Dutcher Snedeker take this project opportunity to explore meditative, ambient textures using analog/digital instruments in layered combinations. Olivia Vargas (Tabula Rasa): Olivia met Chris Jensen at Aquinas College when he transferred to the music program from Kettering University where he was previously studying electrical engineering. Jensen grew up playing classical piano and has always had a love for arranging. The two together have worked to create sound that is all their own. Most of the group has been trained in either Classical music or Jazz and it has given their music a technically refined sound. The combination of varying styles led to their own distinct genre of soulful Singer-songwriter/R&B with a slight nod to Jazz. This six-piece band has been known for their rhythmic piano, soaring vocals, and tight harmonies.